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Heavy Hoop Tabata

A very good way to train at home.

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Catherine Best Gordon CPT


Catherine struggled with overweight and obesity for years before discovering interval training.  By eliminating what didn't work: long, frustrating cardio sessions, and replacing it with resistance and interval fitness, she found a way to train for life  

Local Classes at Sol Y Breath


New classes at Sol Y Breath Wellness Studio: 14709 Mono Way in Sonora., CA

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8AM and Thursdays at 5:30PM.  This class is designed for beginners, but all of the exercises can be progressed for more advanced students.

Your Success is Our Goal


Catherine  understands that adapting new fitness habits is difficult.  If you have tried group fitness, but you need workouts that are tailored to your goals and abilities, it's time to discover the benefits of working with a personal trainer.  If you want to go beyond traditional cardio classes, and upgrade your workout routine Cardio Freedom teaches you new ways to obtain a healthy lifestyle. 



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